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What type of cleanup or recovery should I expect from a flood?

A flood can happen for any number of reasons. Whether it be due to a hurricane that came through town or a broken dam, flood damage can cause a whole host of issues for your home. Regardless of how miniscule or extensive the damage is, it’s important that you take the proper steps to protect your home for the present and the future.

1. Assess the Damage

First, you need to take time to assess how extensive the damage is to your home. Then, you can determine what it is that you are dealing with and what you need to do next to begin cleaning up your home.

2. Call Your Insurance Company

It’s important that you call your insurance company to file a claim for the damage caused. This ensures everything is going to be taken care of the right way and prevents you from spending hundreds, if not thousands, out of your own pocket.

3. Call a Flood Damage Expert

Next, you need to get someone out to your home who specializes in the field of flood damage restoration. They will come in and take a look around to determine what equipment is needed and how long the process is going to take.

4. Prepare for Cleanup

Most of the time, the experts will use a special machine to pull all of the excess water from your home. Once the excess water is removed, they can begin removing damaged furniture, walls, floorboards, and other items of concern. After all the items are removed, they can work on drying out the space. It’s important that the space is entirely dried out before beginning any restoration work.

5. Restore the Property

Finally, you can begin restoring your home to its pre-flood state. This could mean installing new floorboards, baseboards, walls, and any number of other items. It’s important to take it one step at a time to ensure nothing is missed or overlooked during this process.

Cleaning up from a flood isn’t a quick or easy process. It takes a lot of time and hard work, but with the right team of professionals working on your side that will make it all worth it in the end. Give our team a call today to schedule your appointment to get the process moving forward as quickly as possible.

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